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PMI Atlanta Vision Statement: Establish PMI Atlanta as the leading, respected source for the practice of project management in metro Atlanta Communities.

PMI Atlanta Mission Statement: Through advocacy, strategic partnerships, awareness, corporate social responsibility and engagement, establish PMI Atlanta as the leading organization for the enhancement of respect and recognition of project management. Advance the acceptance and growth of PMI Atlanta through programs, training, education, and certification that delivers added value to businesses, organizations, and stakeholders utilizing or seeking to utilize project management.

Volunteer of the Month

Volunteer of the Month - August 2015

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Congratulations, Nancy Berlin! Nancy has been selected as our August Volunteer of the Month. She has volunteered with PMI Atlanta for several years, lending her talent and time to nearly every aspect of planning for the chapter. Nancy currently serves as chair of the Technology forum where she works with a group of enthusiastic professionals looking to discover new innovative ways to further the PMI Atlanta Chapter.

You’d think leading our forums would keep Nancy plenty busy, but she also enjoys outdoor activities like gardening, tennis and walks on the beach as well as serving the Kiwanis club, Children’s Sunday School and Habitat for Humanity.We love Nancy’s passion and vision! Read on to learn more about Nancy, her thoughts about the chapter entering the digital marketing arena and vision for establishing PMI Atlanta as a nationally recognized chapter.

Berlin Nancy

Q. What has been your favorite or most rewarding volunteer experience with PMI Atlanta?
A. There have been so many rewarding experiences over the past few years as I think I’ve touched on just about all aspects of the PMI Atlanta Chapter. But, I think the most rewarding is working with the Forums. It’s a great group of enthusiastic, passionate leaders and we are always thinking of new innovative things that can be done to further PMI Atlanta. We’ve taken the Forums to a new level and under excellent leadership, I think you’ll see even more innovation.

Q. What would you like to accomplish during your volunteer tenure?

A. I’m not sure my volunteering will ever end…LOL. I think I’ll always at least be part of the Forums. But, I would like to do what I can to help the Leadership of PMI Atlanta make our Chapter known, not just in Atlanta, but known as a leader in other PMI Chapters. I’m very passionate about leadership and teamwork and enabling them to give back to the community to sustain that growth within and for others.

Q. How did you become interested in the project management profession?
A. I have done project management for more years than I care to think about. I seem to have always been the one to “organize” and pull a project together. I enjoy it – watching it start with bits and pieces and seeing how it all come together in a cohesive, organized manner. Regardless of the project, the end result is always rewarding.

Q. What PMI Atlanta initiatives are you most excited about?
A. I think I’m most excited about PMI Atlanta getting into the digital marketing arena. We have a long way to go still but there are people within the organization who see the value in digital marketing. The more online courses or online forums that we can offer, the more people we will reach. Not everyone can go to a face-to-face meeting so it’s important that we go to them, regardless of where they are.


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