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PMI Atlanta Vision Statement: Establish PMI Atlanta as the leading, respected source for the practice of project management in metro Atlanta Communities.

PMI Atlanta Mission Statement: Through advocacy, strategic partnerships, awareness, corporate social responsibility and engagement, establish PMI Atlanta as the leading organization for the enhancement of respect and recognition of project management. Advance the acceptance and growth of PMI Atlanta through programs, training, education, and certification that delivers added value to businesses, organizations, and stakeholders utilizing or seeking to utilize project management.

Volunteer of the Month

Volunteer of the Month - October 2015

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PMI Atlanta is pleased to announce October’s Volunteer of the Month – congratulations, Les Scott! For the past three years he has been hosting the Alpharetta lunch meeting. Les is an awesome example of the spirit of our PMI Atlanta organization, in addition to hosting, he also coordinates the registrations, introduces speakers, manages last minute questions and does it all with huge smile. He is being recognized for being a dependable and invaluable go to volunteer who helps ensure the Alpharetta lunch meetings are always successful. We love Les' positivity and passion for the project management profession – read and learn more about him below and what he enjoys about volunteering for PMI Atlanta.

What has been your favorite or most rewarding volunteer experience with PMI Atlanta? Scott Les
My most rewarding experiences as a PMI Atlanta volunteer is the opportunity as a Program Manager to host the Alpharetta Lunch Meeting. Being that this is the end of my third year hosting, it feels like the beginning. What I enjoy most is the meeting of new people who attend the presentation and the facial expressions and comments of the first time visitors. Their enthusiasm and eagerness is simply priceless.

How did you become interested in the project management profession?
While working for Lucent Technologies as an Engineering Supervisor, a colleague informed me that he had accepted a Project Management position and was very excited. He also informed me that he had completed his PMP Certification and couldn’t wait to apply the methodologies in his new position. He also stated that there were several positions available and suggested that I apply. After carefully considering my options, I decided to apply and was offered a similar position and caught the Project Management bug also.

What leisurely activities do you enjoy? Any little known fact that you’d like to share?
I enjoy bowling, reading (favorite author Larry McMurtry) and movies (action, suspense). After the completion of my PMP certification, I was offered a position as an instructor teaching project managers how to pass the PMP certification exam. I really enjoy teaching and the ability to help others do something that would be instrumental in their career.


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